Caffè Italia

Celebrating the soul & backbone of Italy


Inspiration, encounters, nature, phenomena, craftsmanship, coffee, human capital, food, art, travel, rarities...

Enjoy the latest volume - celebrating the soul, flavour and backbone of Italy - and complete your collection with Il Numero Uno.

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Dal diario di viaggio

Narratives & encounters collected on our journey through the soul and backbone of Italy.

Caffè Italia celebra la spina dorsale del Paese Italia - Porta il lettore in un viaggio di scoperta, ispirando meraviglia e svelando lo straordinario ed irripetibile.

Our patrons, champions and selections

I nostri mecenati, campioni e luoghi scelti

Connecting people to people, people to places, places to stories, stories to people.

It started with a simple thought: how can we make Caffè Italia a linchpin for Italian culture?

By crafting a win-win model, supported by people who care as much as we do about the Italian stories. Meet our patrons, our champions, and a our hand-picked places to stay in Italy & Italian oriented shops and eateries woldwide:

Patrons: in each volume we gratefully welcome one or more mecenati who support Caffè Italia with a larger donation
Champions: by purchasing 30 or more copies of each volume of Caffè Italia, to use as a gift or for resale, i nostri campioni directly fund our independent project and help us grow.
Selections- Italy, are our handpicked places to stay in Italy, truly unique, which gracious and knowledgeable hosts. They invest in ten or more editions of Caffè Italia to display in their rooms for you as a guest.
Selections- world, are shops and eateries that offer authentic Italian products, and where you can find Caffè Italia for sale.

Where you find Caffè Italia, you find quality, integrity, curiosity - a portal to people, to lifestories and to high-caliber Italian establishments.

“I’m living the country vicariously through Caffè Italia”  
John Witzig, photographer - Australia