Il nostro campione

Lorenzo Benini

Kostelia Group, Florence & Sostratos Purpose Trust, Firenze

CEO of Kostelia Group, leader in 3PL and services in the Supply Chain, Global Supply Chain Management Professor at CAPA International Education and one of the settlers of Sostratos Purpose Trust, that finances archeological researches and restorations.

I believe that a man has more than one season to live in life; what today might seem far from our interests and needs may become the passion of tomorrow. Sometimes there is only one limit that stops you from really living your passion, and that is is when it becomes a work that creates more concern than joy.

If it does, then it is time for a change.

In my own world I try to overcome obstacles by never refusing new ideas, concepts, interests. I am an entrepreneur, passionate about my job, loving my company and the people that is contributing every day to build our long-term success. I am also a professor at the university, teaching Global Supply Chain Management.

In my life I have had the chance to link passion with culture and technologies, and after years of work, I feel my duty now is to give back to the community. So I married this my deep belief of giving back, with my true passion: Etruscology (study of the ancient civilization of the Etruscans). Together with a few friends we have formed a Purpose Trust, called Sostratos, who finances research, restoration and the valorization of the marvellous remains we still have very much of in our ancient territory of Etruria.

My passion for the Etruscans have taught me many things about my country; it has taught me the history of what Italy was before the oncoming of the Romans. The Etruscans lived over 2,500 years ago and they formed a very advanced and pacific civilization with a culture worth the while to study and marvel at.

The first time I visited an Etruscan monument, I was 8 years old; it was la Tomba della Scimmia in Chiusi, and since then I always feel the same strong and pervasive sensation when I am on an excavation, and today, through Sostratos, we are financing some of them. When I can touch an ancient bucchero of the VII century BC or when I read inscriptions of this once great Mediterranean population, I feel I get to meet them, the Etruscans. Giving them my complete attention I sometimes even feel I am an Etruscan myself (MI RASNA, as they would say, “I am Etruscan”), or at least could be someone that have truly understood their meaning and their way of life.

And this is Italy to me. Here every stone has a story to tell, every word is a hidden treasure, every person could be a descendant of an ancient Italian hero.

Written by Lorenzo Benini