Il nostro campione

Alissia Mancino

Grand Hotel et de Milan and Straf Hotel & bar, Milano

Grand Hotel et de Milan is one of the most prestigious historical Hotels in Milan. It became well-known in 1872 when Giuseppe Verdi established his residence here, benefiting from the close proximity to the La Scala theater. Many other celebrities followed.

On human values, loyalty and hospitality

I belong to the third generation of managers at The Grand Hotel et de Milan and, together with my family, I am the owner of the recently opened STRAF hotel & bar. These are two very different phenomena in the field of hospitality in Milan today. The first one has by now been around for 152 years and is one of the historical highlights and a real classic in Milan; the other one is a new, ultra-modern boutique hotel.

I deeply believe in the values that man has chosen as primary. Amazingly enough, I could only find one definition in Italian of “Valori Umani”, 'Human values' on the internet and I found it on Wikipedia:

" The term ‘Human values’ means, in the broadest sense of the phrase, all those values - attitudes - positive behaviours, not only related to ethics but also to nature and the interaction with others, which should characterize the human being and his society, distinguishing man from animal. The term was coined by Sathya Sai Baba (Indian spiritual teacher), who identified five main human values: love, truth, peace, righteousness and non-violence, all underlying principles upon which everything else hinges.“

My story is linked to the hospitality, the good service and the reception at locations that have a truly particular story in its own right, and this special combination gives you the opportunity to experience unique emotions.


Conscience, respect and passion make me a loyal person and completely in line with Johanna's project: to tell you about great Italian stories, stories often linked to the Italians that believe in what they do and try to do their best, passing on their experience and knowledge from generation to generation.

With her goal being genuine storytelling, Johanna might manage to unite people, perhaps even worldwide. People that still believe in ethics and the beauty of simplicity, often at the helm of a complex project, and thus creating a circuit, an unbreakable bond, through a single guideline of human values.

"Always do right. This will gratify some people and astonish the rest.”

Mark Twain

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Written by Alissia Mancino