Welcome to Club Caffè Italia

15 August 2017

We start a club for those who love Italy!

When:30 August 17:30
Where: In Stockholm, event at Konst-ig Book Store, Åsögatan 124 
Cost for the evening: 120 skr

To RSVP, swish 120 kr to 1230854810 (We Capture AB), with your email address in the message.

Space is limited, so RSVP at latest by the 28th of August. If you don't have swish, email club@caffeitalia.se and we can figure something out. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to call +46736293533

Would you like to buy a copy of Caffe Italia-il numero uno? Take advantage of our discounted rate when you register: 375 kr for the evening's wine tasting + il numero uno sent home to you via post (only for Swedish residents). Swish the sum along with your email address and home address in the message or send an email to club@caffeitalia.se with your address and phone number after payment. Caffe Italia-il numero uno will also be available for purchase at Konst-ig, at a 10% discount during the evening  (full price 325 kr).


The evening's program

Kl 17:30 We welcome you to a glass of wine and a sampling of il Parmigiano Reggiano 3084, from Ravarano-Casaselvatica, a cheese laboratory that lies high up in the mountains above Calestano (PR).

Kl 18:00 Photographer Johanna Ekmark will share her inspiration for Caffe Italia-il numero uno, the first edition in her art book series, which has been praised by many designers and publishers. Caffe Italia explores Italy's soul, culture and nature and offers a contrast to typical, mainstream media. Come in time to listen! We will go on to hear about the newly launched Club Caffe Italia, which we think is much needed here in Sweden: let's bring Italy to Stockholm!

Kl 18:30 The evening's partners, En HalvPall, enthusiastic importers of small-scale Italian wine, take over. They have invited Antonella Manuli and Lorenzo Corino from Fattoria La Maliosa, a  winery in Maremma, Toscana producing organic wine. It will be wine tasting "alla grande"!


Here's what our friends at 'En halvpall' have to say:

"En halvpall will be visited by Antonella Manuli and Lorenzo Corino from Fattoria La Maliosa, which was our very first wine producer. La Maliosa farm was founded by Antonella Manuli and is located in Maremma in Southern Tuscany. For several years now, she has cooperated with Lorenzo Corino, agronomist, researcher and forerunner of the Italian natural wine movement.

Antonella and Lorenzo will present "Metodo Corino" as their scientific method for creating distinctive, colorful wines while ensuring they respect nature. This method is, among other things, a result of the fact that Lorenzo Corino believes the concept "natural wines" is often misused.

Alongside the presentation, you will get to taste wines from Fattoria La Maliosa as well as those from Lorenzo Corinos own farm, Case Corini in Costigliole di Asti i Piemonte. These are wines developed exclusively according to Metodo Corino (that is, wines that only use local grapes grown in live soil that have not been affected by pesticides or manure). These handpicked grapes are allowed to ferment naturally, without the interference of sulfites, cultivated yeast varieties or other methods that affect that wine's natural character. The finished wine is bottled unfiltered and without the addition of sulfites.

The philosophy behind Metodo Corino and its wines can be read in "Vineyards, Wines and Life--My natural thoughts," by Lorenzo Corino. His book will be available at Konst-ig or as a book on Itunes.